Doctors are taught to summarize the conversations patients have with them into very structured information.

Sometimes, discerning the pertinent information from a conversation is easy; other times, it can be difficult. Often, the doctor's discernment is accurate, but at times, it is not. Understanding the goals of the structured conversation you have with your doctor can help you best achieve a clear, concise, and accurate transfer of information about your condition. In fact, according to the academic literature, the quality of a doctor-patient conversation impacts the quality of healthcare delivery—simply put, the conversation you have with your doctor may mean the difference between life and death!

"The Medical Conversation" provides the constructs for a structured conversation and, simultaneously, prepares us for our inevitable role as patients to effectively convey information to the doctors tasked with providing our care and aiding us through the challenging times of illness or injury.

To achieve this important objective, we have created three educational resources: "The Medical Conversation" as a simple to read book, a streaming video, and a robust SCORM-compliant video with an integrated student proficiency assessment.

The Home Life Conversation Course

Conversations That Impact Your Personal Life

Every day we engage in conversations which are designed to provide or elicit information. Appreciating the informational objectives will help you to best achieve the goals of such conversations regardless of whether you are seeking information, providing it, or cooperatively sharing it.
Unfortunately, too often we converse without recognizing the relevant and essential informational objectives. Typically, this results in conversations concluded without capturing essential information; worse, without an appreciation such informational goals we might not even be cognizant that essential information was ignored or overlooked. In fact, businesses frequently suffer from non-productive meetings for failing to identify the essential informational goals or an inability to maintain focus on the essential conversational constructs.
Through this course we will introduce the important informational elements for the most important conversations you will have in life including the business interview, the conversation with a boss, the productive meeting, service calls, partner goals, and the call for help.
To convey this content we have developed a SCORM-compliant educational video series with quiz assessments. Like our other courses, this course can be registered individually, or as a class which will provide the group leader (teacher) access to our ProPanel for registration management and monitoring individual and group metrics.

Structured Communication for Business

Master gap analysis, requirement statements and develop quality standards — like International Organization for Standards 9001.

Use communication skills to enhance business efficiencies, improve customer satisfaction and scale your business.